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Words to Live By

There shall not be fo'); document.write('und among you anyone who makes'); document.write(' his son or his daughter pass '); document.write('through the fire, or one who p'); document.write('ractices witchcraft, or a soot'); document.write('hsaying, or one who interprets'); document.write(' omens, or a sorcerer, or one '); document.write('who conjures spells, or a medi'); document.write('um, or a spiritist, or one who'); document.write(' calls up the dead. For all w'); document.write('ho do these things are an abom'); document.write('ination to the LORD, and becau'); document.write('se of these abominations the L'); document.write('ORD your God drives them out f'); document.write('rom before you.
-Deuteronom'); document.write('y 18:10-13[NKJV]

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