Full Size Windows Wallpaper

Now, if you listened to me, you went out and got a great photo editing program. Now if you did that, this is going to be so sweet and easy, you might have already figured it out!

Step One: Re sizing the image. You need to re size the image. Most people used these sizes sense they are proportional. 640*480 or 800*600 or 1024*768. I usually use 640*480 or 800*600 because the file size will simply be smaller.

Step Two: If the image turned out a little fuzzy, sometimes on a GOOD image editor, there are "despeckle", "sharpen", and "blur" tools. Play with them a while. I usually just despeckle, but sometimes you will need to sharpen the edges and add a little blur.

Step Three: This of course is totally optional. You can convert the image into .bmp (paintbrush) format, which makes it possible for you to select the wallpaper by the control panel. But it is optional; I do it because it's easier for who ever is downloading to use it.

Step Four: This is optional too. How about creating a read me to go with it? Put that you are the author, some instructions, anything you want in it. Just use note pad to do this.


Step Five: If your going to post it on a site- it's always smart to zip it up. Cuts downloading time down a lot. Plus you can stick in the read me. Get winzip or pkzip do this. (They are easy to use)

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