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Yet another new kid on the block

That's right another new feature! Check out the daily reading, a daily Bible study, for all 356 days of the year!

A new kid on the block

There's a new kid on the block of C Bible! It's the Daily Proverb. It displays a different Proverb depending on the day, so today is the 28th it will display chapter 28. There are 31 chapters in a month, so 1 chapter for every day! Check it out today!

Top50 changes

I just reset the top50 program votes for everyone. This new policy will discourage cheating, let sites that feel intimidated to compete with so many votes feel encouraged to join, and will encourage all the sites that don't have the top50 code on their sites to put it up. Ultimatley this will benefit everyone because it will bring more traffic to the top50 and thus to your own site. Also, the out hits will not be affected.


I just uploaded a new section, called testimonies. Currently we only have one testimony, but that's alright! If you have a testimony you would like to share, please email it to It doesn't have to be how you got saved, but how God did something in your life!

C News Snapshot

Want a sneak peak @ the new site we're working on? Enjoy!

The site is called C News. It will feature news mostly related to end times prophecy. It will be interesting, informative and most importantly, honest! News, say hello to the truth!
More to come later....

Words to Live By

I have been tinkering with the Words to Live By to increase the speed! Now CIR will be faster, and so will your site! If you haven't added the service to your site yet, do so now!

More on the new design!

I have been working on a brand new website that I plan to launch with the new design! The new site will feature up to the minute _________! And it can be completely incorporated to your own site! Plus, I will add one more new service for you webmasters!

New Design!

Hey there! I am working on a new design for CIR! Now check out this snapshot and let me know what you think:

Old Server!

Update your links again, we're back on the old server. The new server went down yesterday and it appears that they won't be coming back :( So update all your links back to what they were, I know it is a pain to keep updationg your links, but how do you think I feel??? ;)

New Server!

We moved to a new server, which should make us a little faster! We also will have many new features in the future! If you're linking to any of the pages please update the link! Your & links should have already been updated. You'll also have to update your voting links! If you find any dead links, broken images or any of the like, please let me know right away! If you'd like to have hosting like this for your site, please check out GCSNet!


Well, here is another important update from me!(who else?) I have added a cool looking header to the top of the pages and changed the way the page looks and for the most part it loads much faster. I am now working on making it more Netscape compatible! Also, on a different note, Generation God has moved the release of the new site from April 27th to March 30th! There's a link on the main page so you can take a peak at the new design!
In His service,

Christian Site of the Week

I found out why I haven't been geting nominations for Christian Site of the Week, the nomination form didn't work! I have no idea how long this has gone on, but I haven't gotten a nomination in months. So if you have a site you would think should get this award or you think your nomination didn't get through please nominate it now!

An update!

Yes! An update! Well, it's only been a couple of months! I know most people have given up on updates from here(I have too!) but I plan to update more frequently! Well, I just got back from a once favorite site of mine, JC News(formerly JCNet), and I found out that they may be closing down. We should pray for them! Generation God is going for a new site, and it looks awesome! I have been working on Words to Live By again, and I will update it with even more verses! Currently it has about 500 verses. I have alot of work ahead of me, so I will go now.


Yesterday, Saturday December 9th 2000 Christian Internet Resources has officially had 100,000 hits since March 9th!

Christian Site of the Year 2000

Check out our polls to vote for your favorite site for the year 2000! No recounts will be allowed :)

The Birth of a True Hero

You can now read about the birth of Christ! Written by Robert Miller it is a story of some of the things that might have happened that Glorious night! Read this inspirational story today!
Andrew [Link: In a Mother's eyes, the birth of a true hero]


Praise GOD! GOD is good isn't he? For some reason, in the last few day Christian Internet Resources' traffic has sky rocketed! Today at 2:00pm we've already had 339 hits. Yesterday it was 656 hits. The 13th it was 353, that's a big jump! The 12th our hits were 165, our traffic is a little more than 5 times more then 3 days ago! GOD is moving @ Christian Internet Resources!

Words To Live By

Words to live by code has changed. The new code makes it go much faster, allowing me to add many more verses. For you techies I did it by spliting up the data base into 5 parts, the script will randomly choose a database then randomly pick a verse in that database. There are over 71 in there, I haven't counted it since, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's over 100!

C Bible

Well I have been working hard on a brand new site, C Bible! It's a brand new Christian Site, with a searchable Bible! Also an update on Christian Site of the Week, since I've been working hard on C Bible I haven't been able to choose a new winner, well I am now!

God's Library

Sorry for the lack of news...I've been really busy working on a brand new website. It's goin on with a lot of problems but I hope to have it finished by the end of he week. Anyway, I was checking out God's Library and there's a new design! More jokes, more stories, more FUN! Check it out today, I know you'll blessed!

A Mile Stone

Today, August 15th, 2000 we reached 20,000 hits! That means that 20,000 people have visted us since March 9th, 2000!

Independence Day

Well I hope everyone had a happy, fun & safe independence day. Fire works are really cool! I got to see them pretty well from my backyard :) Happy Birthday USA!AJ

Where has the time gone?

Wow! 1 year! On June 2nd, 1999 Christian Internet Resources was officially online. Wow, I can't believe it's been that long already! It seems just like yesterday when I was uploading all of my HTML files. GOD has done some work here! It hasn't been since lately that I've added all this cool stuff! That was when all I had was the Salvation Invitation and the good news of GOD. Happy anniversary Christian Internet Resources!

Site of the Week!

Well, about a month ago I started Christian Site of the Week! I have awarded many websites the really cool graphic! I have found alot of great websites! I thought that I might have some people that didn't win get mad at me but that hasn't happened! In fact most of my award winners have given me nice compliments. Now I know why award judges love their jobs!

God's Library

While I was browsing a favorite site of mine, He is Holy Anointed is He, I noticed a link to a new website! God's Library! It has cool stories, and poems. They have a few other sections, testimonies, jokes, unfortunatly they don't have any yet! I can't wait 'till they do!

Link To Us

I updated the link to us page. If you like Christian Internet Resources, link to us! We'd appreciate it!

Top 50!

Well our top 50 has been booming lately! There are several sites in there, but two look great! Let's start with Email Ministry! "inspirational messages e-mailed 3 times a week to inspire your Christian walk & to send on to others." I couldn't have said it better myself! They really do have some neat little inspirational messages. Another site here is Family Resources! Family Resources on topics like parenting, missing kids, product recalls, entertainment, and more! Check 'em both out! You won't regret it!
Click for Email Ministry
Click here for Family Resources!

The time is gonna come

I got an email telling me about "The Time is Gonna Come" It's a new cd and it looks like it has some nice lyricks. Tell 'em CIR sent cha'!
AJ::The Time Is Gonna Come

Free Internet Access

Well I don't want to excite any one but Christian Internet Resources may provide free internet access soon! I have contacted orginizations about providing free internet. Hopefully I can work everything out! Also I've got all kinds of stuff in the works. I can't tell you what it is because it's secret!

Mission 3:16

I've been working on a site that will literally save the world! We'll have more details later. However, I need some testimonies! Send me how you got saved and I will post it! Please include your name and testimony. If you do not want your full name to appear on the site let me know so I'll only use your first name. Also if you have had a miracle in your(or a friend's) life, let us know. I'd love to post it! Simply email

Nanny's Rocking Chair

Recently on my top 50 links a page called 'Nanny's Rocking Chair'. This site has a nice layout. It also has all kinds links on the page. Also the webmaster has a page called 'Carol's Crossing.' I found this interesting page about the ten commandments here. These pages are worth your time.

Internet Traffic Report

I just added an internet traffic report! This will display an image that shows how the internet currently is.
AJ Traffic report

Message Board!

I updated the message board! Click here. I think this post says it all.

So much... Yet so little

I foud a link truly worth visiting... The hunger site. Every time you click the cup you donate 3 cups of food to hungry children around the world. The only thing it going to hurt you is just one click.


We have finally replaced the old email system! I lost many emails from it, and we only got 3megs of email! With our new service "G Mail" we can offer you 6megs of spam free email! We also have a Bible verse at the end of every email you send!!!
AJ G-Mail - Free Christian email!

Look to the Sky!

Why? The 6th seal could be broken! For more info click here!


Y2K... the stuff nightmares are made of. Why? Well everybody is so worried about it. As a computer programer I can safely say ALL MACINTOSH COMPUTERS are y2k compatible. IN fact they will be compatible for many, many years. Some older pcs are the ones to worry, if it all. Ok, y2k will only affect most calculations based on the year. Accounting, may be affected, but I believe not as much as people are worried about. But, if anything happens... just remember... it's in GOD's hands. And I wouldn't trust it in anybody else's! Have a nice Christmas, & new millenium!

He is Holy Anointed is He

Every once in a while I like to report on some smaller sites. But, smaller does not mean it's not good! He is Holy Anointed is He is one of thoose small pages that definatly stands out! I'm not talking web design, popularity, style... etc. I am talking about the webmaster's love of GOD. That's what seperates sites. Every one go check it out and tell 'em CIR sent 'cha. Have a Merry Christmas, and Happy 2000!
AJ [He is Holy Anointed is He]

Christmas... snow... 2000!

Today is December 22, 1999! Wow! Where has time gone this year? It seems like it was just yesterday I started Christian Internet Resources! Well, since the only snow we've gotton here completly melts before we can even see it, I thought I would spread holiday cheer with these snowflakes! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! From Christian Internet Resources, have a very safe and good holiday season.

Top 50 sites!

I just added a Top 50 link section! Websterz add your site here! Just go here... Click Here To Visit Our Top Sites Page!
AJ Link:>Click Here To Visit Our Top Sites Page!

Sneak Peak: Genesis

If your interested in hosting Genesis go check out the sneak peak! Most of the links are dead though... but... if you would like to host genesis email: Thanks!


Are you looking for a good source of great Christian webpages? Found!! Looking for great software programs? Found!! Wanna know what to wear tommorow? Found!! Looking for great graphics? Found!! It all can be found @ Genesis, and even MORE! Wanna send ecards to friends? We'll definetley add more cool stuff to our new site: Genesis. So where's the link???? No link!! It's NOWHERE NEAR done!! I need a NEW webhost if we want all that COOL stuff!! So, if you own your own webserever and would like to host Genesis, EMAIL ME!!! Or if you know of any free CGI access webhost. THANKS!!!!

New Creation Web Design

Are you looking for an affordable web designer? Maybe you'd like to advertise here on Christian Internet Resources. Or... do you want to be able to email your pictures to friends/family. How would you like to turn those boring vacation slides into an exciting screen saver? If you answered yes to any of these questions click here!

Music is here!

Music is here! Click here.

Message Board

I set up a message board, click here to go.

Another Award!

Well, this morning, after the long & slow process of booting up my computer I connect to the internet and open my mailbox. Well, I bet your thinking my life isn't exciting, but... what's in my email? Another award! Actually 2!!!! One presented by Alive ministries and The Pastor's Helper!


The XN Banner Exchange is probably the BEST banner exchange I've tried! You get HUGE banners, and for members... they'll make you a banner! You also get 1,000 FREE exposures! Go check them out.

MusicMany of you were prabably lured into coming to CIR beacause, most searc engines say we have music... well as you can see we don't! BUT,,,,,, I'll be working on a HUGE music store, just be patient!


Well I will be working on a project called Christian Internet Graphics, a free source to Christian webmasters full of free-to-use graphics