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================================In this issue=
 [1] Latest from Christian Internet Resources!
 [2] Inspirational Story
 [3] Humor Me
 [4] Verse of the week

=========================[1] Latest from CIR!=
  Welcome to the CZine!  GOD is really moving 
  at Christian Internet Resources!  
In the last
  2 months 4 people have emailed me saying that 
  they have received Christ 
Jesus as their personal
  Savior!  There could be more, the get saved page
  is one of the most popular pages in the site!
  I am excited with these new Believers, and 
  I hope you will join me 
in prayer for their 
  new life in our Lord and Savior!

  If you are interested in accepting Jesus Christ
  as your savior, please read this page:

|        ~ Generation God ~         |
| * Top 25 Sites Program            |
| * Great Directory                 |
| * Bible Studies                   |
| * Christian Radio Station         |
| * Award Programs                  |
| * And Much More!                  |
|    |

=====================[2] Inspirational Story:=
Plant three rows of peas: 
            Peace of mind
           Peace of heart
            Peace of soul

Plant four rows of squash: 
             Squash gossip 
       Squash indifference
          Squash grumbling
        Squash selfishness

Plant four rows of lettuce: 
Lettuce really love one another
            Lettuce be faithful 
               Lettuce be happy 
Lettuce be kind 

No garden should be without turnips: 
Turnip for service 
when needed 
Turnup to help one another 
Turnup the music and dance. 

Water freely with patience and Cultivate with love. 
There is much fruit 
in your garden 
Because you reap what you sow. 
To conclude our garden 

We must have thyme: 
        Thyme for fun 
       Thyme for rest 
for ourselves

  Pretty nice garden, don't you think? 
--Author Unknown

=================================[3] Humor Me=
  For those who don't really want to follow through with a 
  new year's resolution to exercise...

Physical exercise is good for you. I know that I should do it daily, but
 my body doesn't want me to do too much, so I have worked out this
 program of strenuous activities that don't require physical exercise.

   1)  Beating around the bush
   2)  Jumping to conclusions
   3)  Climbing the walls
   4)  Swallowing my pride
   5)  Passing the buck
   6)  Throwing my weight around
   7)  Dragging my heels
   8)  Pushing my luck
   9)  Making Mountains out of molehills
  10)  Hitting the nail on the head
  11)  Wading through paperwork
  12)  Bending over backward
  13)  Jumping on the bandwagon
  14)  Balancing the books
  15)  Running around in circles
  16)  Eating crow
  17)  Tooting my own horn
  18)  Climbing the ladder of success
  19)  Pulling out the stops
  20)  Adding fuel to the fire
  21)  Opening a can of worms
  22)  Putting my foot in my mouth
  23)  Starting the ball rolling
  24)  Going over the edge
  25)  Picking up the pieces

       Happy exercising!!!!!

  --Author Unknown
  You can read more great jokes online at:

========================[4] Verse of the week=
  "Finally, my brethren, be strong in the LORD
  and in the power of His might."             
                        -Ephesians 6:10(NKJV) 

================================Jesus Christ==
  Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal 
  savior?  Do feel like something 
is missing
  in your life?  Do you feel like there is 
  no point to life, you have 
nothing to live
  for?  Are you worried about your future?
  You don't have to read horoscopes, or call
  a psychic hotline to be cormforted of your 
  future.  Instead, GOD loves 
you.  And He 
  wants only the best for you.  He knows 
  you inside and 
out, even if you don't know
  Him.  He loves you unconditionally, no strings
  are attached to His love.  He loves you so
  much that He died for you.  He did it so 
  that you and I could spend 
all eternity
  with Him. Do you have Him as your savior?
  He didn't say that we would have all the 
  luxuries of this world, He 
did say that He 
  would provide for us, if only we seek Him.
  Do you have this wonderful gift called 
  Salvation?  If you don't, it's 
easy to get,
  just ask Him you want it.  Commit your life 
  to Him, and He will greatly 
reward you.
      Will you pray?

 "Lord Jesus, I admit I am a 
sinner. I need forgiveness. 
I am sorry for 
my sins and 
I don't want to sin against You 
anymore. I believe You are 
Son of God and You died on the cross 
for MY sins. I also believe that 
rose from the dead so that I, too, may 
have victory over the grave. 
forgive me now Lord and cleanse me. 
Come into my heart and give 
me a new 
life. Thank You, Jesus, for shedding 
your blood for me and for 
and answering my prayer. Amen"

  If you've just prayed that, you are a Child
  of GOD.  Think about that!  A child of the
  Creator of the Universe.  It's a humbling
  expirience.  If you have anything you 
  want to know about your new life 
with Christ,
  or if you're still not sure about all this,
  please do not hesitate to email me,

  Thank you for reading our ezine.  You may 
  forward this to friends and 
family, all we 
  ask is that you do so in it's entirety. 
  If you wish 
to unsubscribe you can do so at:

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