No, this page isn't here to make my ego big :) It's here so that you can find out how we are affecting the lives of thousands every day, by the power of God! All glory and honor must go to Him, for without Him, how could anything be possible?

"Thank you for this site!!" -Bonnie

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cant say it enough. I have really needed this site and all that it stands for." -Allen

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"[I] love the site. its not always easy to know how to sucessfully stand out as a Christian in such a multicramatic--yet intolerant-- world. this site is like a coffee break for my soul. :)" - Soon2bRaptured

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"How wonderful to see in your page the love you have for our Lord. It is so wonderful to hear of how God loved us enough to extend His saving grace through the sacrifice of the Lamb of God - Jesus. We feel very strongly all Christians are to be obedient to the Great Commission. There are so many that need to know the love God has extended towards man in Christs sacrificial death. We will pray for you and ask you pray for our ministry in reaching the lost." - Carlos & Sherry

"You have a very nice web site! Lots of information." - Karen

"I sure have enjoyed this site!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with me. My husband and I are youth ministers in Adairsville, Ga. It is so wonderful to see how God is using so many people on the web to brighten up the internet. May God richly Bless you!!" - Toni

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"Nice Site A.J." - Rob

All these nice messages were left in the guestbook or sent to me by email. All the glory goes to God Almighty!
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