Funny Bone

The Accident
The Accident
The Truth About College
Stupid Criminal Hall of Shame
Preacher's Teeth
Definitions That Didn't Make it to the Dictionary
One Liners
The Top 10 Things People Think While Singing A Hymn
Enemies in the West
Smile for the DMV
Computer, possesed?
Golf, Defined
Putting the Cat Out
Happy Birthday
Sorry No Pets
The Man from Microsoft
What, no email!?
You Might Be From Colorado If...
Big Chief Forget-me Not
A Texan Goes to Sydney
A Speaker Gets Carried Away
A Con for A Son-In-Law
Spell Checker
Earthquake Safety Tips
18 Things To Say To Telemarketers
Inspirational Office Posters
The Painter
Efficient Breakfast
Ah, Newlyweds
Preacher's Donkey
Lost Snack
Mom's Clarinet
Words to Ponder
What a monstrosity
Dad's Ashes
The Farm
Convicts on the Loose
Politically Correct Statements
A no frills airline....
The Train
Poor Preacher
The Driver
Ugly Baby
The Hot Phone Call
Insurance Claim
Cat Truths
You Too Can Be a Professional!
Washington, D.C.
The 10 Truths of a Computer
Technologically Challenged
The Tank
The Donation
The Elevator
The New Suit
Amish computer virus
Al Gore Quotes
I won the election!
Squeeze it for all it's worth
Reply to the I.R.S.
The Boss
The end of the world
Atheist Holiday
The H.M.O. Nurse
Odds & Ends
The Bigger Lie
Meeting of the Bored
Door-to-door Church Members
Church Slogans
Too Much Coffee?
Job Descriptions
Sometimes it does take a rocket scientist...
Can I drive now?
Letter from Granny
Indian Tracking
Back Seat Kicker
Famous Last Words
Police Quotes
Heavenly Delicious
Only when he's drunk
Old Ladies
Answering Machines
The New Pastor
Who's driving!?!
Traffic Jam
things that make you go hmmmmmm.....
The gas guys
Tell me what you want
A Newlywed's Dear Diary
When man decided he didn't need GOD
Top Ten accident excuses used by drivers
SuperMarket Mom
the Human Race is doomed through stupidity
Dilbert Manager Quotes
Can I have the day off?
Assorted Jokes
The Magician
The Army recruit
Children Write to God
The Truth About Weight Loss(I wish!)
A boy, a nickel, & a dime
A final request
Don't Make a Nurse Angry
Email Errors
The Accident
Bumper Stickers
Helpful Hints for the Inexperienced Traveler
Healthy Dose of Insanity
Dilbert's 35 Rules Of order
Differences Between You and Your Boss
Professional Test
Shop Signs
Now that's dumb!
Church Signs
Expensive Fabric
Actual Classified Ad's
The Odd Court
Where's the toast
Seeing Eye Pilots
Employee Policies
Mind Games
Something in Florida's water?
Adam and Eve
The Lie Clocks
Florida Slogans
The Bear and the Atheist
Computer Errors
A fancy restaurant
Bungee Jumping
Dog Letters

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