Letter from Granny

    Dear Grandson:

    I have become a little older since I saw you last, and a few changes
    have come into my life since then. Frankly, I have become a frivolous
    old gal.

    I am seeing five gentlemen everyday. As soon as I wake up, Will Power
    helps me get out of bed. Then I go to see John. Then Charlie horse comes
    along, and when he is here he takes a lot of my time and
    attention. When he leaves, Arthur Ritis shows up and stays the rest of
    the day. He doesn't like to stay in one place very long, so he takes
    me from joint to joint. After such a busy day, I'm really tired and glad to
    go to bed with Ben Gay.

    What a life. Oh yes, I'm also flirting with Al Zymer.


    P.S. The preacher came to call the other day. He said at my age I
    should be thinking of the hereafter. I told him, "Oh I do it all the
    time. No matter where I am, in the parlor, upstairs, in the kitchen,
    or down in the basement, I ask myself, "Now, what am I here after?"

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