Leeanne Morrison's Testimony

        First off.....I was always skeptical of believing in something that I couldn't see....I always felt and knew there was some sort of higher power that existed, but I could never be sure until I experienced first hand the love and security that comes from being born again......losing the old life of many faults, mistakes and sheer stupidity to receiving the true love.....true unconditional love that only Christ can offer....so on that note....

        I have several testimonies actually that I can share, but these are my favorites.....the first one is I had been driving out of state to a Gospel Music Association Conference to which I attended. I left late on a Sunday night, was tired and was just not feeling well. Well, I got lost - driving down unfamiliar roads, it was dark and rather desolate and I could not find the beltway for the life of me. What did I do? I prayed to the Lord for guidance....and the Lord knows I was not going to just roll down my car window and ask any Joe Smo on the street in the wee hours which direction to travel. I came to a light and a vehicle pulled up next to me....the only one on the road and guess what...it turned out to be an ambulance! I felt secure and safe enough to roll down the window and ask directions. The driver was courteous and stated that I should take a left right here at the light we were sitting at (he was in the right lane next to me). When the light turned green, I made my left and turned back towave, but the ambulance was gone! I looked in all directions and it was not anywhere to be found! It literally disappeared! Needless to say the directions were great and I was on my way home where I got home around 2 AM in the morning. I Thank the Lord Jesus for coming to my rescue! I thank the Lord by way of music - I have a Christian Hard Rock Band that we minister to young adults to try and get to know the Lord. I praise God and thank Him daily for my spiritual gifts of music.

        In another instance.....this is actually one from our former Youth Minister of our Church....I tell this story because again - God knows all! Our youth minister was new to the area and did not have a job at the time, he was searching for one. He was married with two babies and one day he was on his way to the grocery store to pick up the essentials....diapers, formula, etc and had a craving for milk. Well, being on a tight budget and loving milk as he does, he just couldn't justify getting milk, when his kids and wife were in need. As he exited the store he recalls thinking how he had this incredible craving for milk. As he started to enter the parking lot to get to his car, a woman standing on the curb was holding two gallons of milk and shouted "can anybody use a gallon of milk? I bought two, and for the life of me I don't know why, I can't use it".......Well, needless to say, another prayer has been answered - my friend and Youth Minister was stunned - happily and praised the Lord for satisfying is need, even though it was a small request, the Lord came through!

        Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the big things and the small things - irregardless they are all from His heart to yours.

    Peace in Christ~

    ~~Leeanne Morrison~~
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