Christa McMillen's Testimony

    I don't have one of those "really bad got TOTALLY turned around stories", but I believe that you may find it interesting....

    I was born and raised in a Christian home. My mom and dad brought me to church every Sunday morning and Wednesday night. I must admit, I really enjoyed going to church throughout most of elementary. Around 5th grade, I met this girl (let's just call her Sue), and she was definitely NOT a Christian. Her mom and dad got divorced a few years before we met, and her dad moved to a different state. Her mom was what you might call a "man hater" ever since. You see, Sue and her mom got physically and sexually abused by Sue's dad. Anyway, I met Sue, and after we became friends, I realized I had started to change. I no longer enjoyed going to church, and I had begun to swear, which I never would have dreamed of being a part of before, i think that my parents noticed some changes too. Then, after 6th grade, I went to my church youth camp in Charels City, Iowa. That year, the speaker was Bay Forrest, a former NBA player who had to retire from back injury. But I hadn't gone to camp to listen to the speaker, I had gone to have a good time with my friends. Later in the week, God really started to speak to me through Bay's message, and even though I knew I had Jesus in my head, I didn't have him in my heart. So, that night, along with about 50 other people at camp, I gave my life to Christ. I really tried through the whole summer to keep a good Christian attitude towards everything, and I did... through the summer. When school started for 7th grade, I met up with Sue again, and she got me back into the swearing and other stuff I had been involved in in the previous year. After 7th grade, I went back to the same camp with church. Once again, Bay Forrest was speaking at the camp. This year, though, really made me think about God's love. On Thursday night of that week, they had what they call "Holy Night" it's a night where you get to see what Jesus went through in his crusifixion by a video and drama reinactment. This summer, I truly had changed my life. Now, as I will be entering the 8th grade in the fall of 2001, I ask you to pray that I continue my relationship with God, and I pray that you do the same. Thank You, and God bless each and every one of you!
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