Dana Piotrowski's Testimony

    I was an outcast in grammar school. If you were ever one of them, you
    know the deal: no friends, no parties, no dates. My only escape from my
    pitiful life was the theater. I joined a small theater troupe when I was
    about 10 and quit when I was about 12 cause I was too old for the troupe.
    Then the director called me back when I was 13 to ask if I was a certain age
    (13) yet. I was, so I joined the teen theater troupe. One of the members was
    a senior at Lane Tech High School whose name was Loyda. One day she came to
    rehearsal wearing a shirt that said "Young Life Lane". I didn't know what it
    was, so I asked. She said that it was something at her school. Loyda
    graduated in '98, and is now a leader. This was in my early 8th grade year.
    Later in the year I applied to 3 high schools, got rejected by the one I
    really wanted to go to, and got accepted at the other 2. They were Von
    Steuben and Lane Tech. I started talking to the other kids in the group about
    the schools. I knew what Von was like, my brother went there, and I talked to
    them about Lane. I am now a junior at Lane. My freshman year, I went to the
    lunchroom on Club Day, which is a day when you can visit assorted club's
    booths in the lunchroom. I saw a flyer for Fright Fest, which is a thing at
    the Six Flags theme park just north of Chicago. I signed up, went to Fright
    Fest, and when I was getting off the bus, was handed a flyer for the night
    club meetings. If it hadn't been for Bubba handing me that flyer, I would
    probably be dead now. He knows that he was a factor in saving my life. The
    place it's at is about 4 blocks from my house. I chose to go, and found out
    that it was a religious group.
        Now I realize that God led to me YL through the events that happened
    to me in grammar school. It's not a coincidence that I met Loyda and the
    others who go to Lane and decided to go there. If I had been accepted at the
    one school I would have gone there, but I wasn't. I love God with all my
    heart and soul. My life is in His hands now, and when I graduate high school,
    I would like to be a YL leader. I would be honored to tell others of the
    Glory and Grace that is the Lord Jesus Christ. A few verses which have helped
    me out in tough times are Phillippians 4:13 -- I can do anything through Him
    who gives me strength; Psalm 84:10 -- Better is one day in Your courts than a
    thousand days elsewhere. I would rather be a doorman for the hosue of my God
    than dwell in the tents of the wicked; and Psalm 27:10 -- Though my father
    and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me. My father was a drunkard
    for over half my life. Now he's trying to control it, but I rely on God to
    get me to college and away from him.
        Because I was the outcast, because I was accepted at a certain school,
    because I found that club, I came to know God. If I hadn't, I would be dead
    right now. I have this inexpressible joy inside me now because I know Jesus
    and the Power He uses to work through even the most hateful person. Because
    I found this club, I am alive today. They showed me God's love and His
    amazing love for me saved my life. If it hadn't been for those wonderful
    people, I would not be here right now. If it came down to it, I would give
    my life for Christ. I refuse to deny His wonderful name. If it hadn't been
    for the chain of events that I lived through in my first 13 years of life, I
    would be like everyone else. An athiest or agnostic, who has no idea of the
    Power and Glory that is Jesus Christ. He is the most amazing Person I have
    ever met. He's my Best Friend, He's my Daddy, He's my Brother. Some people
    I know think it's funny that my Best Friend was born in a manger two thousand
    years ago and gave His own life so that I may know Him. But hey. I'm a
    Jesus freak. This is a quote from one of my favorite songs, "Jesus Freak" by
    dc Talk: "What will people think when they hear that I'm a Jesus freak?
    What will people do when they find that it's true? I don't really care if
    they label me a Jesus freak, there ain't no disguising the truth...People say
    I'm strange, does it make me a stranger that my best friend was born in a
    manger?" I can't erase my faith and I won't deny it. I would give my short
    life to further God's Word. God is the most amazing Being in the entire
    universe. Who else do you know that can be three separate entities, but
    still be one perfect being? Only God -- The Father, the Son, and the Holy
    Spirit. LIVE FOR GOD AND HE WILL GIVE YOU LIFE! Thanks and God bless!
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