Dave Crosby's Testimony

    Through the years I allowed expeditions of spiritual forces opposed to God. Thinking I could be one within myself—evil realms push me beyond the level of discernment till discontent was the aftermath of my soul. While these forces had a great deal of influence in the world that controlled my life, the dark deceptions couldn't deceive the revival of reality that our Lord already knew. Jesus was at the door of my life and even Satan's deceit couldn't deny the Truth. Through a day and night of circumstances I found myself confronted with feelings that told me I couldn't go that way. So I turn and went the other direction that led to humbling myself before Christ with emotions that filled me with a passion for His presence. A presence that wasn't mine but I owned it. Since that time I have been through many trials and tribulation. And as I reflect back on it all, I have come to realize Satan is so deceiving he even deceives himself. When his corruptive ploy of dissolution demanded death, Satan unknowingly crucified me with Christ. God is beyond compare and has no worthy rival. His indwelling is the fervor that keeps my faith progressive in His Divine Nature.

    In the Potter's Hand,

    Dave Crosby
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A Life Transformed
I lived my life with reckless abandon, like there would be, no tomorrow. I lived life on the edge, engaging death as a playmate. If death came, then that too, I'd hoped in it's finality, would be the ultimate experience I craved. Maybe in death, I could finally realize the meaning of life.

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