In My Father's House

(Written by Lorna Eascott)
    Our Father has prepared for each of us
    a splendid room
    Then sent His only Son
    to save all sinners from the tomb
    His house has no pain - no abuse - no war - no fear
    no sadness - no worry
    Only The Lamb's light shining clear
    All God asks of us
    is to acknowledge His Beloved Son
    to believe He died for our sins
    then arose to save us each one
    The end of our stay here
    may be near or it could be far
    just remember - it will affect you whoever you are
    When everything on this planet
    finally goes up in flame
    Only those with no faith in the Lord's word will suffer in pain
    For His sheep who believed and followed His precious Son
    We will be safely at His side each and every single one
    In our Father's house where we'll eternally belong
    Raising our voices on high loudly praising His Glory in song
    When to go to our heavenly reward it comes our time
    I hope your room is found right next door to mine

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