Robin's Testimony

I have been saved a while ago....when I was 11, and I am 31 now. Yesterday, as I was driving back home from getting my daughter a new pair of shoes, we were hit by an elderly man who slammed right into our vehicle. It totally spun us around and out of control on a major highway, and Praise to the Lord above, no one was hurt. There was no traffic coming down the normally very high volume of traffic. We went from the north bound lane through a median and ended up facing south. I had my husband and 2 young daughters in the car, which was on its side on two wheels... I actually felt the calm of Jesus, knowing that He and His Father and the Angels that watch us were with us. I wasn't angry. The poor older gentlemen in his late 80s and his wife also, were not injured. Praise God.

My husband is finally seeing the great works of faith through this whole ordeal......and that is what I have been praying for. No matter how busy God is, He is always with us!!! I just wanted to share that with you.
Praise our Lord Jesus always!!!
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