Ruth Snyder's Testimony

    I am a woman of this world, in this world. I grew up with women's lib and the sexual revolution. I can do anything and everything and that is what I tried to do. In my pursuit of happiness I thought if I had a good husband, a house, 2 kids, 2 cars and a career then I would have everything I needed to be happy.

    I married and had children, the marriage was bitter and abusive, it ended in divorce. I worked on my career and trying to find the right man.the career was much easier to work on than finding the husband.Both would come into my life and I would try them out for awhile but they would always fail.

    In my mid 30's I was in my 2nd marriage having my 4th baby. my career was on the track I wanted it to be. I was at a place where I liked and on the path to growing in the field I wanted. I worked around my family and had a loving husband. (as loving as he could be anyway). So why was he straying and why was I empty and cold and unhappy?

    We started the proceedings for a divorce. I started the same thing that I did before. Blamed it on my husband and just knew I would find something better.

    A co-worker felt my pain more than I knew I had. She set me up with a divorce support group. The 1st group I went to all the women were the victims and the men and women were separated to prevent socializing. Some of the women quoted the Bible and how I shouldn't get divorced because my husband "allows" me to continue to live with him and I should follow my husband, " it is God's way" they would say.

    I have always believed in God. I did not always live that way. I often felt as though I was the devil and not good enough for God. I was abounded by him and worthless to him. Religion had kept me from knowing God. The churches telling me I was bad or wrong. When these women told me this I got made and decided I have to find the truth, once and for all.

    I went to a local church and made an appointment to meet the pastor. God put this man in my path, he was the first person to teach me of Gods true love. He taught me that we are all sinners and we are all forgiven and we are all loved. I refused to take one persons word for this so I searched for other churches and another divorce support group. The most important thing I did first though was giving up my life. I was laying on the couch where I slept the last few months my husband and I were together. I had a bible just given to me, that I couldn't yet read, I could not understand it. I did what a few people told me I needed to do, hand my life over to God. So as I lay there in the dark, I opened up my arms to the sky and said; God, I have no clue what I am doing and what I am supposed to do. Show me, my life is yours.

    The next several months were like a giant mud slide ride, as I saw my life as I knew it falling apart. Many times I had to hand it over to God again, many times I had to let go of my control and pray for faith and patience. I died, my life as I knew it was over. My marriage ended in divorce, I lost my home, my career took a turn for the worse as I had to quit school and I lost my job. But to everyone's surprise I was happier than I could ever have imagined.

    What everyone of this world did not see, or could even comprehend is the faith I found in the trust of God's love and forgiveness. Each time I would be hurt or torn or lose a part of what I had at one time considered precious another of Gods good people would come into my life, they showed me places in the bible that related to my life. Showed me others that went through what I did. I began to understand and read the bible. Questions were answered in his word and not any one persons. I began to realize, while looking at my past, there were many times that God had been there with his hand out for me to take and I just refused or walked away thinking I could do my life better. I wish I had found this earlier in my life, but am so grateful I did find it.

    It has been a few years now and each day I live I try to live by Gods will, his word, his desires. My faith has given me a family I have always wanted my children are happier than ever. I have a better career and live in a place that faith brought me to. EVERYTHING! is better in my life. I know I am a child of God and loved. I am so grateful for this gift that I have been given and pray that others can learn to accept this gift from God also.

    Thank you for letting me share this. God Bless. Ruth

"I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me." -Galatians 2:20

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