Valerie's Testimony

    Hi A.J.
    This past March my son Jason was in a terrible auto accident and I am sending an attachment of the letter between a pastor of my old church reguarding the events of Jason's accident and myself. This is my testimony of my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and how he sustains us through trials. As a mother I never knew how I would react in such a situation but the ever sustaining presence of God was with me throughout and he gave me a mothers' peace and I knew that God was in control ......He gives us nothing we can't handle!
    In Christ,

The letter...
    Dear Pastor John, My mom forwarded this message to me that you had sent to her. Thank you so much for praying for Jason. God has been good to him and has spared his life. There have been so many good things that have come out of this that I thought I would share it with you. At 2:45am we received a phone call that Jason was taken to St.Lukes trama center....we later found out that he had not been breathing when they found him and he was taken by helicopter to the trama unit. They would not give us any information on the phone but did tell us that he was not conscious. I know that you have seen my reactions to trials in the past and even though I was very upset I knew in my heart that God was in control. When we arrived at the tramma center there was Pastor Jim and a person from their pastoral unit waiting for us....I held my breath for a minute because I thought for a brief moment they were there to tell Roy and I the bad news.....they led us to the tramma unit and there lay my precious son Jason unconscious and on a resperator fighting for his life. I walked over to him almost as if it were all a bad dream, looked at him and told him we were there and that we loved him....I turned to Roy and said, "He's going to be alright" and knew that God gave me this peace. That God was there using his perfect plan for every good thing. They asked us to please step out so he could be taken to the intensive care unit. Jason was then taken and Pasor Jim and the lady Sarah from there dept came with us to lend their was comforting to have them there. About a half and hour later we were allowed in to be with Jason. I kept checking his pupils(being a nurse) and they were unresponsive which I know can mean brain dammage. I bought this to the nurses attention and she said that they don't know how long he was without oxygen when they found him and that they would just have to wait and see what happens. In the mean time Pastor Jack had arrived and I told him about this....he led us all in a prayer and guess what?.....Jasons pupils began to react normally!!!!! Around 12 noon the respiratory team came around to inform us that they were going to take him off the resperator to see if he would breath on his own and if he couldn't would put him back on the resperator.....they asked me to leave the room and again a prayer was said.....Another answered prayer....he was now able to breath on his own!!! Jason shortly thereafter started to say a few words....not making too much sense but was responding. My heart was jumping for joy! To make a long story shorter....he continually improved and was eventually able to have all tubes disconected and move to a regular floor by 8pm that evening. Although Jason has some cognitive losses and is unsteady on his feet (not unusual for a head injury) he is progressing. He is home now and needs 24 hour observation and help with things we all take for granted sometimes but he is on the way to recovery. The doctor said that he may have this for maybe a week to a month....hopefully not permenent! Prayers are still needed. I beleive that God has a purpose for Jason. Please pray for his will. Pasor Jack will be comming by next week to talk to Jason who seems very open for change right now. I know this is kind of long but I wanted to let you know how things were going and give God his praise for always being in control of our every step. I will keep you posted and thank you and everyone for there precious prayers.
    In Christ,

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